Hello Poem Lovers.Today we are going to present a poem which is on our sister and daughters- बेटियों पर कविता .We want to tell all of you through this poem that in our country, society, women- बेटियां do a lot for our country and society, yet they do not get the respect that men get.

Poems On Daughter | Hindi Poems On Beti | बेटियों पर कविताएँ 

Hindi Poem on Betiyan

Nowadays our society has become such that where a daughter- बेटियां is born, it is believed that a great calamity has come, but what do they know that the womb from which she is born is also a daughter- बेटियां. We should know that daughters Betiyan - बेटियां  is a golden tomorrow.  We should always respect and respect them instead of treating them as a disaster.  Today, our society is a male dominated society, but even nowadays girls-बेटियां are not far behind in any field from boys.

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Hamari Betiyan- हमारी बेटियां 

The daughter- Betiyan is the star of her parents' eyes.  The daughter- Betiyan is the beauty of the house, the angel of her father. Parents have a precious relationship with daughters which is absolutely unbreakable. The daughters-Betiyan youngest feet are the beauty of the house.  If we see, nowadays girls are far ahead of boys whether they are sports, film world, etc. Daughters-Betiyan loves her parents as much as any son can't ever do to her parents. Daughters -Betiyan can do anything for her parents because she loves her parents' happiness the most.

Daughters-Batiyan is always priceless. 

Previously they were not sent to school but only boys were sent to school.  The daughters were only allowed to cook, do household work, etc.  But now the time is changing, now people are sending their daughters to school so that they too can illuminate their family name.  Earlier people used to think that something will go wrong if the girl goes outside the house, but now the time is changing, Daughters-Betia is moving out of the house and is moving towards development.  From the childhood of the daughters till their growing up, the courtyard of the entire house blossoms with her resonance.  I would like to say to those who consider daughters as a burden, torture them, that the daughters are not burdened, give them a chance and look, more than the boys and they will illuminate their family name.

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Daughters-Betiyan spends half her life in her parents house then in her in-laws' house, she has two houses where she takes care of, keeps everyone happy with her love.When they go to the in-laws to honor her in-laws with the rites given by her parents. She does not forget her parents even after visiting her in-laws, but she talks to them every day, she always wishes for her parents.That is why we should always respect our sister , daughters and take care of their dignity, they must not be considered a calamity.

Daughter is like a delicate bud, we should take care of her so that she spreads her fragrance all around.

Poems On Daughter | Hindi Poems On Beti | बेटियों पर कविताएँ
Hindi Poem on Betiyan

Let us start our poem now and we hope that you will definitely like our poem and you will definitely share it.

जिस देश में बेटी को,
लक्ष्मी मान पूजते हो,
उसी माँ लक्ष्मी को,
मिटाने को तत्पर हैं आज ,
कैसा हो गया समाज।

बेटियों को विद्यालय नहीं,
बाहर जाने पर है रोक,
पर बेटों को यह भी कहना नहीं,
कि मत लूटों उनकी लाज,
कैसा हो गया समाज।

हर साल रावण को जलाते,
जो माता सीता को न लगाया हाथ,
पर उन कुकर्मी को नहीं जलाते,
जो रोज़ लुटते बहु-बेटियों की लाज,
कैसा हो गया समाज।
कैसा हो गया समाज।

Jis desh me beti ko
Laxmi maan pujate hai
Usi maa Laxmi ko
Mitane ko tatpar hai aaj
Kaisha ho gaya samaj...

Betiyo ko vidyalaya nahi
Bahar jane par hai rok
Par beto ko yah bhi kahana nahi
Ki mat luto unaki laaj
Kaisha ho gaya samaj...

Har saal ravan ko jalate
Jo mata sita ko na lagaya hath
Par unn kukurmi ko nahi jalate
Jo roj lutate bahu- betiyo ki laaj
Kaisha ho gaya samaj...
Kaisha ho gaya samaj...

Poem on Betiyan - English

The country where the daughter
You worship Lakshmi
Same mother Lakshmi
Look forward to erasing today
How was society...

Daughters are not in school
Stop going out
But the sons don't even have to say
Do not rob their shame
How was society....

Burning Ravana every year
The who did not touch mother Sita
But don’t burn those evildoers
The shame of multi-daughters who plundered daily
How was society...
How was society...

Wrapping Up

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