Hello Poem Lovers! Here I am going to share Indian Culture Poems Bhartiya Sanskriti Poem in Hindi  भारतीय संस्कृति कविताएं   with you all.
Indian Culture poems

Hello Poem Lovers! Here I am going to share Indian Culture Poems Bhartiya Sanskriti Poem in Hindi  भारतीय संस्कृति कविताएं   with you all. 

If you are looking for Indian Culture Poems in this internet world then you have come to the right place and this poetry in itself is the best and absolutely unique.Almost all indian people love Indian Culture Poems.

Today, our country India is forgetting its culture, so its basic reason is western culture. Today we are competing to adopt Western culture and are getting away from our culture. There is still time, we should take care and save our culture

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India is one such place where people from more than one caste, religion, gender etc. live together. Here people of all religions are completely free to follow their own traditions.  
The basic identity indian is unity in diversity. Indian culture, despite being the oldest, has still retained its identity.  Any culture, religion, community is identified by its culture. Through culture, all religions, communities, etc., get to know its own culture.  Indian culture is the oldest culture in the world, even today, after adopting Western culture, India has retained the honor of its culture.

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It is through western culture that we feel that western things are best and we should adopt them. Old people say that the things we do not have the best we like, the same applies to Western culture. We are ready to adopt it without thinking whether it is good for our country or not. Whether it is their way of speaking or something else. We are always ready to adopt it.

 हमे 'West' की 'Best' चीज अपनानी चाहिए ना कि 'West' की 'Waste' चीजे ।

Indian Culture Poems

Every Indian has a different love for his country. They can do anything for his country. We have written this one Poem which is on top of the changes that are happening due to Western culture in our country. We hope you will like this unique Poem. You can easily copy it and share it with your favorite people.

Indian Culture Poems| Bhartiya Sanskriti Poem in Hindi|भारतीय संस्कृति कविताएं

Indian Culture Poems | Bhartiya Sanskriti Poem in Hindi  | भारतीय संस्कृति कविताएं

युग बदला की लोग
मैं तो यह समझ न पाउ ।
पर परिवर्तन बहुत हुआ है 
जिसमे खोया अपने आप को पाऊ ।

ऐसी पश्चिमी हवा चली
सभी पेड़ो की जड़े हिली ।
मानो आंधी साथ लायी हो 
पूरब की तो पता ही न चली ।

अपनो को तो अपमानित करते
दुसरो को सम्मानित करते ।
भारतीयमता को जो अपना कर चलता है 
उसे लोग आज अज्ञानित कहते ।

ना जाने यह कोइन रीत है
अपनो से नही परायो से प्रीत है।
प्रीत तो ठीक चलो
मत भूलो की अपनो का भी वजूद हैं।

Yug bdla ki log  
Mai toh yeh samajh na pau. 
Par pariwartan bahut hua  
Jisme khoya apne aap ko pau.

Aisi pashchimi hawa chali ki
Sabhi pedo ki jade hili. 
Mano aandhi sath layi ho
Purab ki toh pta hi na chali.  

Apno ko toh apmanit karte
Dusro ko smmanit karte.  
Bhartiyamata ko jo apna kar chalta hai
Use log aaj agyanit kahte. 

Na jane yeh koin reet hai 
Apno se nahi parayo se preet hai.
Preet toh thik hai chalo
Mat bhulo ki apno ka bhi wajud hai.

Wrapping Up

So dear Indian Culture lovers! This was the  best and unique Indian Culture shayari. We hope you liked this collection of Indian Culture Poem. You can easily copy this Indian culture Poem and do Share with friends, family,etc. You will always get the latest and best collection here
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