Poems on Friendship in Hindi – दोस्ती पर हिन्दी कविताएँ
Poems on Friendship in Hindi

Hello Poem Lovers! Here I am going to share Poems on Friendship in Hindi – दोस्ती पर हिन्दी कविताएँ  with you all. 

If you are looking for Friendship poem in this internet era then you have come to the right place and this poetry in itself is the best and absolutely unique. Almost all people love Friendship poem when they want to show their love and care towards their true friends.

Each person's relationship is formed at birth, just a friendship is a relationship that the person chooses from himself.  Friendship does not look at color, casteism, richness-poverty,etc .Friendship can be made at any stage of our life and anyone can be made.

Since their birth, they have lived among his own family , playing, learning from them but the person is not able to share everything with them.  Only a true friend of a person knows each of their secrets well.  If the book is the key to knowledge, then a true friend is also like a complete library who supports us from time to time during the problem and motivates us to move forward.

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Friendship plays the most important role in building a person's personality.  It is said that as we are, we  also choose our friends same way, if we make a mistake then this society also misunderstands our friends.

A person can only share his sorrow, happiness and everything with their true friend.  Friendship can happen anytime and from anyone.  Friendship can happen between a father and son, between a father and daughter, mother and his children.  It is not necessary that we can make friends of our own age.

Friends are the second priority of a person after family, with whom they  spends both his good and bad time. Famous poet Rahimdas ji has said that friends is valuable like a pearl. They has great importance in our lives and we should never lose them

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Friendship Poem

Here we have added the Friendship poem. Here I have presented the latest Friendship poem, the best and the most unique Friendship poem, so that you will be able to show your feeling easily in front of your true friends. You people will definitely like this poetry. You can easily copy the given poem and make your friends  happy.

Poems on Mother in Hindi – माँ को समर्पित हिन्दी कवितायेँ

Poems on Mother in Hindi – माँ को समर्पित हिन्दी कवितायेँ
Poems on Mother In Hindi

दोस्त तुम आबाद रहो 
जीवन मे बुलंदियों को छुओ ।
तेरे जीवन मे खुशियां रहे 
और सदैव ऐसे ही चमकते रहो ।

चाहे लाख दुनिया वाले कहे हमे 
दोस्ती में आँच न आये ।
सुख दुख हम साथ निभाये 
ऐसा दोस्ताना हमारा बना रहे ।

साथी तो हज़ार है मेरे 
पर मेरा प्रिय दोस्त तू ।
तुझको कुछ जो हो जाये
यह सोच में दुख में डूब जाए ।

दोस्त! दोस्ती को ऐसे ही ना मिटने देना
चाहे मुझसे हो लाख गलतिया।
एक नही लाख बार समझाना
दोस्त! दोस्ती का फर्ज निभाना ।

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Poems on Mother in Hindi – माँ को समर्पित हिन्दी कवितायेँ

Dost tum aabad raho
Jiwan me bulandio ko chuo.
Tere jiwan me khushiya rahe 
Aur sadaiw aise hi chamkate raho.

Cahe lakh duniya wale kahe hame
Dosti me aanch na aaye.
Sukh-Dukh ham sath nibhaye
Aisa dostana hamara bana rahe.

Sathi toh hazar hai mere
Par mera priy dost tu.
Tujhko kuch jo ho jaye
Yeh soch me dukh me dub jaye.

Dost! dosti ko aise hi na mitne dena
Cahe mujhse ho lakh galtiya.
Ek nhi lakh bar samjhana
Dost! dosti ka pharj nibhana.

Wrapping up

So dear readers! This was the  best and unique Poems on Friendship in Hindi – दोस्ती पर हिन्दी कविताएँ . We hope you liked this  Friendship Poem in Hindi . You can easily copy this Friendship Poem in Hindi and do Share with friends, family,etc. You will always get the latest and best collection here.

Thank you! Stay connected 

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